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 [Pixar Animation Studios] Monstres Academy (Juin 2013) Teaser page 1 !

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Dingo Ravenswood
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MessageSujet: [Pixar Animation Studios] Monstres Academy (Juin 2013) Teaser page 1 !   Lun 13 Aoû - 21:12

D'après Upcoming Pixar, Pete Docter aurait peut-être en projet de réaliser une suite à Monstres & Cie après avoir terminé Là-Haut (et il aurait peut-être même déjà commencé). Voici l'article en question :

The Pixar Blog points today to an article from MTV Movie Blog by Shawn Adler where Pete Docter supposedly hinted at a Monsters, Inc. sequel is in the works. Adler’s words where,

"When I followed up with Doctor about [the ideas for a sequel being considered] all he would say is "I can neither confirm nor deny". (And he did it in a nervous voice)."

Is this really proof? Mike from The Pixar Blog seems to think it indicates a sequel is indeed in the works. He cites Disney CEO Bob Iger’s comments on a Cars sequel being "a relatively good bet" as evidence for his cause. He mentions that 2 months and 2 days after Iger’s comments, the Cars sequel was announced.

However, I’m going to disagree with Mike on this one. I don’t think a Monsters, Inc. sequel is fully in the works. I know my track records isn’t spotless either. I gave more than my fair share of poo-pooing to a Cars sequel. I blatantly rejected all the evidence piled up in front of me because I didn’t want it to be true. His Monsters, Inc.-esque neither confirmation or denial of a sequel seems to be typical Pixar answers for future products. It’s almost textbook stuff on what to say when questions like that are posed.

But as for Pete Docter’s nervousness, well I think that could be put down to character. I’m sure Pixar have tossed around some ideas for a sequel, and Docter does mention this, but I don’t think any of those ideas have come into full realisation yet. Call me a cynic, but I don’t think we will see a Monsters, Inc. 2 in the near (<2015) future.

Source : Disney Central Plaza


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MessageSujet: Re: [Pixar Animation Studios] Monstres Academy (Juin 2013) Teaser page 1 !   Lun 13 Aoû - 21:49

Il y a déjà un topic ouvert sur ce film Smile je ferme
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[Pixar Animation Studios] Monstres Academy (Juin 2013) Teaser page 1 !
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